Friday, November 4, 2011

Pelagic Part Deuce: We Look For Signs In Nothing

Long-tailed Jaeger juvenile. Long-tailed Jaegers are widely regarded as the best jaegers...they make your eyeballs pop.

Black-footed Albatross, the B-52 of Californian seabirds. 

Common Murres raft just offshore from Half Moon Bay.

Marbled Murrelets, an endangered species (an end species? an angered species?), are uncommon and local off central and northern California. Looking for them on the water is far less complicated than looking for them in the old growth redwoods where they nest, albeit more expensive.

A California Gull is outclassed by a juvenile Parasitic Jaeger.

This Northern Fur Seal is lounging in classic weird fur seal position.

Sabine's Gulls have won the hearts and minds of many a birder....they are true Winners. 

Sooty Shearwater in water-shearing position.

This immature Western Gull doesn't know what to think about this little Mola Mola pile that it came across. Weird fish are weird fish.


  1. Angered Species will pronounced wrong so I think it has to be end species, unless you go with "Endag Species" or E-species.

    Awesome Mola Mola.

  2. Beautiful images and sentiments from home -- and a fur seal, too. Wow. Missing the California Pacific right about now ...

  3. @JK - I really wish it was somehow easier to photograph stuff under water (i.e. Mola Mola) from above water. At least they would stick their fins out and wave hello.

    @Ingrid - Thanks! More to come.

  4. I don't know what to say besides wow.