Monday, April 23, 2012

What You Really Want

What happened people? Did Tufted Ducks fall out of style all of a sudden? I guess, in most parts, they are only hip in winter.

The people have demanded a desert bird, so who am I to hold out? So here I present to you.....a Costa's Hummingbird. I specifically chose this particular young male, because he is is completely drab (as a desert bird should be) and is wincing from the unforgiving sun and the extreme heat. You can even see his little eyelashes wilting. Sure you can see some Costa's away from the desert, but in their hearts of hearts, they know that this is where they belong. I saw more Costa's Hummingbirds at this one spot (Agua Caliente County Park) than I have anywhere least 20...pretty impressive concentration of these not-too-common birds.

Seriously though, this Bird Love thing (have you been to 10,000 Birds recently?) has been eating up a lot of' time in the past few days...he will have something to show for it soon. And yes, when all is said and done, there will be more desert birds.

It's Monday! Ahhhhhhh! Good luck out there.


  1. Say that's a nice picture. What'd it cost ya? Get it? Get it? yeah ok it's Monday....

    1. I hear ya, I hear ya...I prefer to think of it more as a Caustic Hummingbird.

  2. Nice! So you are in to the Bird Love at 10,000 Birds? Loved Julie Z post! So more desert birds is cool with me. Go for it.

  3. That's one hot lookin fella!

  4. Possible he is too cute. I saw a hummingbird with a tuft, or at least raised head feathers last week, it's really throwing me off and pissing me off since i couldn't get a pic. The Black-chinned friends sure as hell didn't want him around. It's messing with my head.