Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Jaeger! SKUAAAA!!!"

Here is the second installment from my first pelagic trip this fall, out in Monterey Bay, CA. Pomarine Jaegers stole the show for much of the trip.

They came by for many close passes.

Really close, in fact. I was pretty stoked to finally properly slay this species with a camera.

Pomarine Jaeger. I think the blob in the foreground is a California Gull, which are common relatively far offshore.

Of course, a South Polar Skua will always upstage a jaeger. Jaegers eat lemmings, skuas eat penguins.

South Polar Skua. Thanks to all the penguin chicks who sacrificed themselves to bring this skua to us today.

They still remind me of juvenile Western Gulls though.

Parasitic Jaegers made a few appearances too, but were greatly outnumbered by their bigger relatives.

Parasitic Jaeger. I did my best to try to get my 2012 Long-tailed Jaeger on the boat, to no avail.