Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pic Of The Week: Unseasonal Facemelt

Just what you've been waiting for...a bird that has nothing to do with fall migration. Sure, if you are an easterner, you may have seen scads of Magnolia Warblers in the last couple months...but I don't think they brought the degree of utter, stupefying facemelt that this bird does. Photographed at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, ND.


  1. So, speaking of Halloween, do you ever go to Halloween parties attended (in whatever ratio) by bio-dorks/other nature nerds? Have you ever gone to a costume party dressed as anything wildlife or nature-y (aside from the obvious werewolf & dracula species WE know are really out there)? Every time I see some animal (like the lovely warbler above) I think Wow, that'd be a great costume! Some day I'm thinking an anemone or nudibranch (Hopkins rose), but so far all I've done is snowy egret--tho' that was SUPER fun.


  2. Off the top of my head, I have seen a golden-plover and roseate spoonbill in costume...I think the spoonbill is pictured in an old Birders As Art post.

    I was a Starry Flounder for Halloween a few years ago. It was awesome.