Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Human Birdwatcher Project Shamelessly Updated

The Great Kiskadee is lucky.  It may have to migrate, to find its own food, to survive in the elements, to avoid death at the talons of the raptor...but it will never have to know the awkward and tedious pain of being a human birdwatcher.

Birders, aside from this kiskadee photo, I have no new material to offer you today, but I have the next best thing...BB&B has organized and updated The Human Birdwatcher Project page.  Now you can easily find everything you are searching for in one place...even if you didn't know you were searching.  Read the cutting-edge features, become repulsed by our interview subjects (honest-to-goodness human birdwatchers), and marvel at the most unlikely art form of all...birders as art.  But despite what you read, you must never forget...birders are people too!

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