Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cigarettes And Shame

Eastern Kingbirds vying for a perch. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Well, well, well....there's nothing worse than putting in an hour of brilliant blogging just to see it all deleted for no reason at all. So instead of getting a heavy dose of my acerbic wit and needle-sharp tongue, I will simply tell you that I survived Las Vegas and am back in my native Californian habitat. Next week I'll get back to some regular posting again, but in the mean time there is a lot of unpacking/repacking to do, as well as seeing some legendary bands down at FYF Fest in LA.

Interestingly, it seems my former employer is cracking down on Gibson Guitars for allegedly using endangered trees in their instruments. Pretty bizarre. More power to Fish and Wildlife if Gibson is indeed guilty...I wish I knew more about it.

Right. Here's another barrage of pictures from out Midwest. Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Human Birdwatcher Project ("Birders Are People Too") coming soon. Bird onward.

Blackpoll Warbler. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Black Tern. Des Lacs NWR, ND.

American White Pelican. Des Lacs NWR, ND.
Redheads. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Cedar Waxwing. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Coyote. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Richardson's Ground-Squirrel. Lostwood NWR, ND.

American Redstart. Lostwood NWR, ND.
Barn Swallow. Medicine Lake NWR, MT.

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  1. I somehow missed this post. Awesome stuff. That squirrel is hilarious.