Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Drink Bottom Shelf Bourbon To Ease My Pain

The last few days have really taken their toll on me, so I'll keep it short. Yellowstone National Park is great. Grand Teton National Park is great. They are great for different reasons. Go to both. More on this later.

Today I'm Vegas-bound. Car trouble that started yesterday will keep the ride over there suspenseful and interesting, not to mention lend a touch of The Fear. Bat country is not someplace you want to break down...especially if one is lacking Medicine.

Felonious Jive's A Birder's Guide To Indoctrination is up now at 10,000 Birds, read all about how he and I have tricked you into going birding with us over the years.

Yours, From A Strangely Undecorated Motel Room Somewhere In Utah,