Friday, August 19, 2011

We'd Drink Until We Couldn't Talk

Western Grebe. Des Lacs NWR, ND.

This is officially it. The last blog from North Dakota. I am weeping with joy. I will miss living on the Lostwood Refuge though, some of the people here, the intense mellowness and having nature right outside. Thank you, various deer, squirrels, rabbits, robins, Chipping Sparrows, Eastern Kingbirds, Cedar Waxwings, Yellow Warblers, Least Flycatchers, etc etc. for being good listeners. As is usually the case when I am living someplace bizarre, I involuntarily end up talking to the wildlife a lot after a while. This disturbing habit is something I developed at Midway Atoll (documented here, to be exact), and I suppose it suits me.

Broad-winged Hawk being assailed by a Purple Martin. Lake Metigoshe, ND.

As I mentioned probably too many times before, I'm leaving tomorrow for points West...Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and then onto Las Vegas. A week full of bourbon, bastards and birds, hehe. The blogging is going to be slim for a bit, but you can at least rest assure that I am having more fun than you.

Fare thee well, gentle souls of the internets. I will be back soon!

Piping Plover nest...I think this one hatched, but the chicks did not make it. Lostwood NWR, ND.

Willet. Des Lacs NWR, ND.

Franklin's Gull. I'm pretty stoked on this picture. Des Lacs NWR, ND.
Baird's Sparrow, one of my new favorite birds. Never thought I'd be able to get a picture like this though. Redmond Lakes, ND.

Brown-eyed Susans? Turtle Mountains, ND.
Tennessee Warbler. Lostwood NWR, ND.

American Avocet. White Lake, ND.

Swainson's Hawk. Sex with talons. Near Camas NWR, ID.

Vesper Sparrow. Redmond Lakes, ND.


  1. aw... happy travels, bon voyage, and THANKS for all the fabby goodies you've shared from up there.

    Back in my NPS days I'd warn all new volunteers who would sign up to help me do the herpetological survey that I talk to the animals, frequently. Call them sweetie, etc. =) Forewarned, and all...

    Hope it's all fabulous. =)

  2. holy shit! those flight shots are niiiiice! Yeah good xxx one too. Have fun on the road ( you know). Git on outta thar!

  3. Hello from Billings, Montana, "A Good Place To Leak Oil Into Rivers". As always, thank YOU BB for reading. @Jill flight shots are so fun to take! Too bad my lens is renowned for its slow autofocus.

  4. I can't do flight shots. Too much patience. I don't have that. Hope you're having fun! I pouf-be-goned my faceparty account for a while, I'll be around here more -possibly- if i'm coherent enough. GAH !

  5. No more face? Daaaaaaannnnnnnnggggggg. Attempting flight shots is definitely something that keeps me glued to certain spots much longer than I would without a camera (a good thing). It also makes me freak out when I see hawks soaring low over roads.

  6. Thanks Jeremy, there was not much else to do out there besides roll around with a camera.